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Career Planning Services Houston

Tailored Comprehensive
College Planning Package


• Help the student identify his/her interests, skills, and work preferences to discover occupations
that match those interest.
• Research the entry level requirements and working conditions of their career choices.
• Create a personalized list of occupations for further investigation.
• Use of library resources for occupational information, skill development, and
employer/industry information.
• Help the student choose a major and degree plan that will support his/her career plans.


• STEP 1: Assess strengths and weaknesses to determine the competitiveness of the student.
• STEP 2: Create the perfect transcript.
• STEP 3: Pinpoint colleges and universities that meet the student’s academic, social, career,
and financial needs.
• STEP 4: Compare colleges and decide where to apply.


• STEP 5: Compose a successful application package.
• STEP 6: Write an outstanding essay.
• STEP 7: Plan Memorable Campus Visits and Interviews.
• STEP 8: Market your Strengths by finding out what the school is looking for in a student.

T.C.R.C. College Planning Package is recommended for high school sophomores, juniors and rising seniors.

Package Fees:

Comprehensive Package:  Academic Planning, Career Assessment, College Selection, College Admissions, and Financial Aid  Services$7,350.00 (6 applications/schools) June August (Scholarship $7,850.00, Scholarship and Financial Aid $8,850.00) 


College Preparation Package:  Academic Planning, Career Assessment, College Selection, and College Admissions.   $6,350.00 (6 applications/schools) June November (before Thanksgiving) 


College Admissions Service  Application advising and review, Resume Review Service, Essay Review Service. Typical 10+ visits during application time period plus non-visit work time. $4,500 (6 applications/schools) June November (before Thanksgiving) 


Financial Aid Service Package:  Financial aid service for two (2) or more schools based on financial need for school year. $1,000.00 September – August of graduating year 

Scholarship Service:  Non-need financial assistance (any money increase by negotiations will incure a fee of 10% of the net increase of initial award).  $1,500.00 June – August of graduating year 


Individual Services 

  • Academic Planning(transition from high school to college) $1,500/yr. 
  • Career Assessment – $450 (3 visits within a 30-day time frame)
  • College Selection – $750 (3 visits within a 60-day time frame)
  • Resume Review Service – $550 (3 visits within a 30-day time frame) 
  • Essay Review Service – $3,500 (6 visits within 60-day time frame)
  • College Admissions Service (unlimited schools)- $4,500 ($5,500) (June – Nov – 3rd week)
  • Financial Aid For One School / Renewal – $400 (December prior to new school year) / $450
  • Hourly Consultation Rate – $275

Recommended Follow Up: Each year, we can provide an annual review based on your needs.
Recommended For: High School Seniors & College Transfer Students.

* We accept Cash, Check, PayPal (Credit), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card (credit cards will incur a 3% fee).

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